Hey there beautiful!

I’ve been developing online presences for over 20 years now.

About 5 years ago I decided to work only with soul-aligned and heart-based women.  This means so much to me because I believe that humanity needs the rise of divine feminine power to bring back the balance in our masculine dominated world. 

The rise and balance of the feminine and masculine energies carry importance right now in the development of humanity and our transition from 3D to 5D.

When women stand in their true power, magickal things happen. I am here to facilitate that.  

I help change the world by helping the Women that are.

I merge the strategic aspect with energetic & cyclical work because I believe our business and personal brand is an extension of ourself.

When we create a solid foundation in ourSelves and learn to stand in our intuition, our ancient wisdom & sovereignty, then the rest becomes easy.

My sun sign is Libra, Moon is Leo and my Rising is Aries… My north node (soul purpose) is Scorpio.  Nearly all my planets are in air/fire signs which makes me communicative, extroverted, warm, incredibly passionate, dramatic and full of ideas. Scorpio being my north node which guides me to this spiritual and transformational energetic work.

I use astrology & moon transits every day to tap into my strengths & import what elements I need to balance my energies and work with my clients in the same way.



How I got started in online development..

My first spiritual awakening happened at 21 after struggling with manic depression and suicidal thoughts as a teenager and young adult. The mask showed a happy, vivacious young woman, but inside I hated myself.

My Mama took me to a spiritual mentor who read my Akashic records… I felt him look right past the mask into my soul, and from that day on the depression lifted and I felt the light. I started going to meditation every Tuesday night and the rest is history.

I’ve lived most of my life intuitively (with a few dips into the darkness around my Saturn return at 27) and for many years I have followed the moon and her cycles alongside my own. From this, I’ve become quite in-tune with energies around and within me and how they integrate.

Before kids I sang and performed professionally (for 17 years), gigging 3-4 shows every single weekend. This made me an expert at guiding energies and I use this now in my speaking gigs, workshops, circles and with one on one clients.

I became a selling superstar when I joined doTERRA in 2017 and immersed myself in training to sell with heart and soul in our beautiful group the Aroma Angels led by my mentor Yvette Luciano. The Aroma Angels really perfected the whole “sell in alignment to your soul” concept and this experience allowed me to fully develop my craft.

doTERRA didn’t work out for me as my passion extends beyond the oils, but I still love the Aroma Angels and use the oils every single day.

Babe, all the experience in your life holds so much value, let me tell you that!

I am a mama of two freakin’ strong, creative & amazing girls and a wifey to my husband of 22 years and have a cat named Coco. It’s a rare day indeed if I’m not wearing leopard print, and I love spending my mornings drinking an almond latte and admiring my view (yes this is where I live in the photo).

After I had my kids I descended into the slums of anxiety, but I slowly pulled myself out of the mud and into the embodied and empowered state I am now. I know my purpose here is to help women wake up to their power & Authenticity.

I feel blessed to assist in awakening the feminine power in this world – which so desperately needs balance between the masculine and feminine. All races, creeds and colours are welcome in this space to celebrate & honour our similarities and differences.

An empowered woman changes the world by osmosis. Just by standing in her own strength she becomes potent.

We need to be in our full power to bring back the balance from the patriarchy that runs the world.

My mission is empowering women to manifest their own unique magick into this world.

Please don’t water down your potential by not standing in your power and hiding in your fear.  

We need you to value yourself enough to make this happen.

We need you to shine at what you do best so you can make more of an impact in this world.


The Full "Karla" Story

I’ve ALWAYS loved art and communication. Ever since I was a child I’ve loved the art of creation, especially drawing beautiful things and singing.


I immersed myself in art & theatre in high school (which I credit with getting me through because I absolutely hated the system).


At 17, I left school and rushed into work (I didn’t go to schoolies) and became an office junior which then progressed into becoming a receptionist and then legal secretary over a period of 8 years. I did this because it felt “safe”.  


However, deeper down I yearned to do something more creative and dreamt of being the graphic designer or desktop publisher at the companies I worked at.


I switched job after job after job because they didn’t fulfil me.


By the time I turned 19, I decided that I wanted to apply for the College of Graphic Design – I got the application form and went for the interview, but I never completed it.  


It terrified me beyond belief.


I became frozen; too scared of failure and not being realistic.


Fast forward 5 years, I left full-time employed work forever after a series of spiritual awakenings and strong feelings of unhappiness, and started living my childhood dream. I became a singer. My boyfriend (now my husband) and I started a band and we’ve never looked back..

In an interesting twist of fate,  the band needed a website, but we had no money to pay for it. And after hanging out with the web designers at my very last job as an executive assistant in the city, learning the basics, I decided to fully learn web and graphic design so I could do it myself. I spent 6 months full-time (whilst gigging) teaching myself the skills. 

This is what started it all 18 years ago, back when the web was a mass of static HTML websites and primary colours all on dial-up.

I know what a mind-fuck it can be – I wish I had ‘present me’ guiding me through the process back then! 

I have been a musician and web & graphic designer ever since. We bought houses, made an abundant living, travelled and had kids. All while being self-employed. I’m not singing on stage anymore, because I am devoted to helping people who possess the bravery to leave their unhappiness behind and move toward manifesting their dreams. 

From an early age, I thought – “What is life if you’re not happy?” 

This lives in my heart as my mantra and keeps me searching, expanding and learning. 

I hope this mantra keeps you searching, expanding and learning too.

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