The power of reciprocity. I love giving back when someone recommends my services! BRAVE Babes can earn 10% for each referral.


Every time you refer someone to ANY of my services including the BRAVE Sistermind, my THRIVE Online Course, Sacred Strategy Sessions or 1:1 Brand Development & Mentorships (or any other future service or program that may arise), and they end up working with me, you will receive 10% return.  Simple & clean. 

Create your account

Apply below and create your Affiliate Account. 

Once you join you’ll have instant access to the links you need and I’ll send you an email with some tips, useful resources and of course some magickal creative content ideas!



Promote your unique referral code link within your blog articles, on your social media channels, on your pins or within your emails.

Or just simply send the link to a friend!


Abundance & Flow

Earn 10% off one of my products or services every time someone purchases via your referral link.

You will have access to a dashboard so that you can keep track of your referrals and also create new ones from any part of my website.


my ‘why’ for brave babes

One of my favourite things in business is to ensure that I have multiple income streams contributing to my abundance and ensuring any Babes spinning in my orbit have access to the same!

I feel incredibly aligned to offer you access to a system of beautiful reciprocity so that you are rewarded while referring my services to others in need of one of my offerings. My bigger vision is that we can all have a referral system for each other.   This is what new paradigm business is about – co-creation, collaboration & reciprocity.

You will of course have access to the most beautifully designed resources for promotion!


What is the cookie/referral period?

The cookie is 3 days so following up with people is absolutely the key to success!

Is it a first click or last click program?

It is a last click program so the last person to refer a customer is rewarded the commission.

Can I use my own affiliate link?

No, you can’t use your own affiliate link to get a discount. However, I do like to reward affiliates with discounts and freebies as my way of saying thankyou.

How can I promote?

There are so many ways you can promote these products and services from writing blog posts to creating pins to promoting on social media or running email campaigns. I will even send you some magickal creative content ideas!

I am also open to bespoke affiliate arrangements so if you have an idea for a joint venture partnership, please get in touch.

Do you have swipe copy & promotional images I can use?

Babe, you know the answer is YES!

You’ll receive email and social media swipe copy, promotional images for Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and PNG mockups to create your own graphics. 

I want to ensure it’s as easy as possible for us to grow in abundance together!


I’d love to hear your thoughts on my BRAVE Babes Affiliate program! And if you’ve got questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me – I’d love to answer them.