Business paradigms are changing.  More and more womxn are waking up and realising that they don’t align to the “traditional” ways of doing business anymore.  There is now a massive element of incorporating pleasure, spaciousness, ease & flow in our business.  This is the Sacred Feminine Business RISING!

As Mars RX comes into play and Uranus RX already underway (at the time of writing), we may find ourselves feeling frustrated by the lack of momentum and energy to charge forward questioning what motivates us, what rules we want to follow and how we take action. And in business, this can be seen as a “problem”.

Like any retrograde, it turns the tables within.

In the last few months, there has been a surge of women doing inner work and going within to get their answers.  Trauma – especially around our womb (the seat of SELF and creativity) – is being cleared and the Sacred Feminine is rising.

We have been faced by some pretty heavy shit and we’ve been forced to stop, look within and LISTEN to your body and your intuition.

This is the training ground for the new paradigm of Sacred Feminine business.

Lack of momentum and going inward is not a “problem”, we just need to approach it differently.

The traditional ways of doing business and “working” are starting not to work for us. 

So many womxn are waking up, and finding themselves in space of not aligning with current strategies and tactics to grow their business and might be feeling a little confused and overwhelmed (and a little annoyed at themselves) as to how to move forward.

I’m going to show you what the old paradigm of marketing & growing our business looks like, and how we can align to our Sacred Feminine in order to create more harmony & alignment in our lives and businesses.

How to identify the “old paradigm” of business and how to move into your Sacred Feminine for more potency, power & harmony in your biz.

1. Beware of trying to be consistent and hustling at the expense of your energy, pleasure & self-care

We have to be consistent in our business.  But what is consistency and who governs it?  There are no rules when it comes to creating consistency.  I invite you to create a schedule that is aligned to your values, your energy cycles and personal beliefs.

As womxn, we operate on a 28 (ish) day cycle and very closely aligned to the moon (whether you’re aware of it or not).  We have a momentum phase and a retraction phase.

Launching and growing a business aligned to our energy is one of the most important things you can do.

Momentum and retraction are both powerful and important phases in our cycle and can aligned to to create harmony within our lives.

When we are in our momentum phase, this is when we feel the most inspired and energetic. When we enter our retraction phase (after Full Moon or after ovulation), this is were we go inwards to release what’s not needed, analyse and reassess our lives . 

As we move closer to our bleed or New Moon, then we feel ourselves becoming quite introverted.  This is a powerful time to go inwards and listen to our intuition, become acquainted with our shadows and clear our energy so that creativity can again be birthed.

This is different for every womxn so start becoming aware of how you feel throughout the month and map your ebbs and flows.

Creativity comes from allowing yourSelf to be within spaciousness, so allow yourself to just BE around these times.

TIP for more consistency in your Business aligned to your cycle:

Batch create when your energy is high to create inspired and valuable content and when you desire to turn inwards, you have content to fall back on.

I use an app called Planoly which helps me batch create when I’m most inspired.  You can then “fill” your inspired posts and content in with current-day moods and sudden bursts of inspiration.

This keeps you in flow and feeling good about your contribution to your business without wearing yourself out.

2. Using fear tactics, scarcity & struggle in your content to sell your offers

Traditional marketing in the old paradigm relies on fear, not-enoughness and scarcity in order to move product or services.

It can either be obvious or quite subtle, making you feel like you need that product or service for you to feel enough.


As a Soulpreneur I assume that your values & beliefs are about empowerment.  Therefore in order to be aligned, make your content and marketing empowering!

Fear, scarcity & struggle comes from separation.

When we tap into our Sacred Feminine, we tap into our innate connection to ourselves and everything around us, we no longer operate from separation.

3.  You are only focussing on strategy and ignoring the inner-work & energetics of your biz.

Strategy is important but our inner work is even more important. 

You will hear a totally different story from a lot of male entrepreneurs where strategy is everything. 

I disagree. You – a womxn who is awakening, raising her consciousness and diving deep into your sacred femininity,  you’ll feel that the masculine “hustle” strategy doesn’t feel right.

You can have the best strategy in the world, but if your inner world is out of alignment, it’s either not going to work OR you’re not going to feel good doing it.  

Our energetics play a HUGE role in creating our reality. 

Doing the inner work, working with our mindset and the wisdom of our body by healing our trauma, (especially womb trauma which is held in our cells from events in our current & previous lives and also from our genetics), can release layers and layers of baggage that hold us back from truly being seen, heard and most of all empowered.

We can then show up in a more powerful & potent way.

How we feel about ourselves makes a huge difference in our business.  Self-love, trust & worth play a pivotal role.   When we delve into our Sacred Feminine and start to honour HER, we find that our energy starts to attract what we WANT rather than trying to control every single step.

Strategy becomes sacred and intentional rather than a step by step process and leads become people who you connect with.

A powerful process!

4. If you’re feeling like something is off and not in alignment with what you’re posting/selling/offering.

This is a big one.  When we start out, we learn how to do things from people that know better than us.  

This is great and of course, we all have to learn the ropes of an online business.  However, once you know the rules, this is when you can break them and create your own that you feel in total alignment with.

Everyone is different, so your strategy needs to be in alignment with your values.

YOU NEED TO FEEL IN ALIGNMENT with your words, your offers, how you sell and how you show up.  

A deep value system will keep you aligned to your sacred feminine power and wisdom within your business. 

Go within.  Identify your values.  Align to them. 

You have the answers. 

The NEW paradigm in our businesses are deeply entrenched in the sacred feminine and using the masculine momentum to drive it forward.

  • Inner work creating self-worth, trust & love = magnetism
  • Time and space to allow inspiration & creativity to arise and manifest (the birthplace of inspiration)
  • Letting go of control and timelines and allowing the universe to unfold as it should
  • Setting goals aligned to your values, your energy and your own version of success
  • Knowing the rules well and breaking them to make YOUR OWN.
  • Cultivating pleasure in your life which overflows into your business
  • Going inward in order to move forward.
  • ALLOWING yourself to go slower than usual.
  • Creating a sacred strategy that aligns to the highest good of everyone involved in the process.

YOU are the sacred biz rebel.

If you reading this then YOU, my darling are the ones doing this work.

Creating the new paradigm of sacred feminine business. 

We now have Uranus AND Mars in RX. A time of turning inwards and reassessing:

  • What motivates us
  • What our version of success is
  • What social norms we want to break free of
  • How we want to show up without the pressure

What a time to be alive babes! And I’m fired up to help you create your business aligned to the new paradigm of Sacred Feminine Business!

Love you all, and let me know how you’re doing with all of this cosmic intensity and how you’re stepping up to invite the Sacred Feminine into your biz!

Did this help you with identifying and bringing Sacred Feminine principals into your biz?  I’d love to hear back.

If you want to launch or grow your business deeply aligned to your Sacred Feminine – let’s chat.

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