Not to be confused with stage “magic.” Magick is art of utilizing natural forces around us to bring about change. Magick is neutral, neither good, nor evil. The practitioner decides how they would like to focus this natural energy. Magick is a powerful tool that you can use to bring about positive changes in your life.

from the Urban Dictionary

So many times I have been in discussion with my web & branding clients about “how” to get clarity on their vision and how to get it online in a cohesive way. I have one way of getting clarity (for a air/fire astrologically I really really need it) and it is journalling, music & oils. When all three go together it creates powerful magick which will then spill out into your life and of course business.

I’ve had this journal (in the pic) since 2006. This one is so special to me.. it holds my hopes and dreams from pre-kids and its amazing to see how far I’ve come or what has stayed the same since then. From the age of 23 I journalled constantly, earlier in the form of poetry and later in the form of “talking” to my higher self. But after I became a Mum in 2011 I stopped journalling so much because I was well… otherwise preoccupied.

Fast forward to 2016, I found the need to urgently put my mind down on paper. The brain to hand outlet really helped with feelings of anxiety and confusion I was experiencing and seeing those words on paper gave me perspective. This kind of journalling was more of a brain dump which was helpful, but about 2 years ago my focus changed and I became laser focussed on being grateful and writing as the person I desired to feel like rather than how I was feeling at that time. Don’t get me wrong – brain dumping is completely valid and a great release, but if you want to create magick, we have to change some brain wiring here babes. Writing in future tense holds a lot of power. What this does is that starts creating the feeling that you want to embody. Your outer reality reflects your inner reality, so in changing your inner reality, it is only natural that your outer reality starts following suit.

As a web designer/branding coach whose main focus is to have their clients shine their true authentic self online, I have long discussions with my clients on how to really step into the most powerful & authentic version of themselves. This is probably the single most important step in the journey to going online and your branding. Leave this out and the rest of the process is confusing and daunting.

What I want to give you today is some steps to gain clarity in going online and to manifest magic in your business. This goes across the board – your website, social media, your logo, colours, copy – all of it. and some steps to take to begin stepping into that.

Firstly I want to set the scene.. put your favourite chill album on Spotify (the link is in my Instagram highlights) and get out your oils to anchor in those emotions so you can use them again & again to invoke those same emotions during the day. Aroma and music is powerful for brain wiring and my non-negotiable sacred tool.

Also another tip: Try not to use the word “want” in your journalling. In order to manifest your vision you need to embody that vision first. In saying “want” you are stating to the universe that you don’t have it yet or you are lacking. You attract your inner reality.

Imagine yourself feeling how you would like to feel in your life & in your biz.

This is related to your business because without feeling amazing in your life, how are you going to create an awesome, joyful, abundant business? You may make a lot of money, but may burn out, be unhappy or resentful for the amount of time you put in. Imagine it, feel it, write it out. Write it like those feelings are already. You might not feel it or believe it straight away, but like any habit it takes time for those neural transmitters to make new pathways. Keep at it.

Describe who you serve and who your idea client is.

Without knowing this, you will stay confused and not know what to offer. Being crystal clear on who you are serving is a must in your authentic online branding.

Did you know that your ideal client/audience is already there waiting for you to gain clarity. Write down who you serve, what their hopes and dreams are and why you enjoy working with them (important – describe the feeling of it).

Now write down your ideal day (in your life & business) and your offerings to those freakin awesome clients of yours.

Here’s a shortened example. You can write it in past tense like it’s already happened, or in future tense like it’s going to happen – embodying the energy is the most important here:

I am soooo grateful that I wake up before the kids, full of energy to meditate and journal. I have a cup of tea, spend time with my girls and get them ready for school and then dive into branding my beautiful client and creating a custom website for them. I then organise a Divine Feminine womens’ retreat afternoon which I’m so blessed that 10 women have already said yes to themselves and will join us. My oils business keeps growing without pushing and eternally grateful that doTERRA has come into my life. My day is so relaxed and joyful and money flows to me effortlessly. I love cooking with my girls and we have an abundant organic home cooked meal that nourishes my body. I fall asleep easily listening to a meditation – I am content.

Don’t worry about all different scenarios.. just focus on one. It’s the feeling you would like to invoke not necessarily the unfolding of events.

Prompt 4:
Thank yourself for standing in your own power.

Write and state – “So it is”, or, “It is done”. Take a deep breath (I like to use my oils here) and bring that feeling into each of your cells so that they vibrate with that energy. You are creating magick.

What you need to do from here is start embodying your vision. How would you act, be or feel when you have your successful offerings into this world and online? And also to release any attachment. This is the biggie. Attachment means lack. To stand in your power, you must have no attachment because you just KNOW that it’s happening.

We have many many realities available to us all at once, it is only where we lay our attention that reflects the current reality we are in. So if you desire to manifest the vision you have been inspired to create, then start embodying that person you see yourself as.

I truly hope this helps you start your magickal online journey. 

With love, flow & clarity

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