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Hello wonderful person you! Congratulations on empowering yourself to build your VERY OWN website.  I certainly can’t wait to guide you through this over the next few weeks.

Below you will see links to certain PDF’s, resources and websites which will you will need to refer to when going through this course.

All of the video content will be uploaded here each week after our session (broken into subject matter) so you can refer to it for your “homework”. You will see links below.

Zoom times & links will be posted in the Facebook Group for each week so look out for those.

Here are you instructions to get you started.


Download my free eBook – Getting Online with Authenticity & without Overwhelm to prepare your branding, copy and general idea of your who, what, how & why of your business, which is integral to good website design.


Download the Themes & Plugins (scroll to the next section) and save them to a folder which you can access for our first session.


Go to this page in the Members Area to follow the steps to purchase your Domain name and Hosting and then installing WordPress.  We will need this to be done before Session 1.


Download the Step-by-Step How to as a follow along to the Course under Resources below.  This will be fantastic to refer to as we go through the steps.


Join the Facebook group – where you will be able see Zoom times, ask questions during the week and receive notifications.

Themes & Plugins Section

We will be using the Themes & Plugins below for installation on our websites.  Please download them to a specific folder you can access easily on the first session as I’ll be guiding you through the process of installation.

The only plugin you might want to pay for (and I recommend it) is the Elfsight Instagram Gallery ($25 USD).  It’s the one I use on all of my websites and you can customise it to your needs.  The free version is very restricted – however it might just suit you.  I’ve provided links to the free & paid plugin below, however you will have to purchase it (instructions provided) to activate the paid version.

All themes & plugins are in .zip format – PLEASE DO NOT UNZIP THEM.  They need to be in this format for upload.



We will also download Plugins from within the WordPress panel in Session 1 (they are listed in the PDF to download – available next week).

Resources Section




I have embedded all of Elegant Theme’s Divi videos right here in the membership area (head over to Videos in the menu bar to view).

Elegant Themes as a wealth of knowledge in their blog which is here: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/

If you want to go over any points from our session – here is instructions provided by Elegant Themes (the developers of Divi) themselves:  https://www.elegantthemes.com/documentation/



  • I absolutely LOOOOVE Creative Market – click here to visit.  They have cheaper fonts, but not all of them have web licences to use as a font on your website.
  • For speciality fonts I love Myfonts.com – you can download your very own branding font and get licences for your website as well.
  • To pick your website fonts – go to Google Fonts.  Divi allows you all of the Google Fonts and you can get ideas of font pairing on the Google Fonts website.
  • If you are a member of Adobe – you can use TypeKit fonts which can be integrated into your apps.



  • Canva (free & paid) – comes for Desktop and iPad & phone apps)
  • Adobe Photoshop (as part of Adobe Cloud – paid)
  • Color Story (great image editor for Instagram & facebook. I use this exclusively) (App on iPhone)
  • Wordswag gets a mention here because its that fantastic app that does quotes for
    Instagram – (App on iPhone)



Below are templates for Facebook Group & Page headers, header for your website, Call to Action sizes etc, that you can import into your image editor and use.


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