What a womxn can do in her feminine flow state is nothing short of powerful.  I created this Sacred Womxn’s I AM Oracle while I was in flow… from an inspired idea and powerful statements from my Sacred Womxn’s Busines community.

I’m so excited to share this with you.

These are designed and intended to be inclusive, diverse and celebratory of ALL  womxn.  There are two I AM a Queen images, one for my black sisters and one for my white sisters.  I also have provided two I am Womxn (Woman) because we all identify differently.

Download one or download them all.. just right click (on a computer) or hold down (on phone or tablet) and save to your camera roll or folder and use these as a wallpaper on your phone or tablet to remind you of your SACRED “I AM” every single day. 

Here’s to tapping into your power every single day sister.

Please do not print or reproduce these without my consent. If you would like to share them, please tag me on Facebook or @karla.pizzica on Instagram.  These are a gift to you, so please use them with integrity & personal use.  Thank you! 

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