Brand Development (including strategy), Packaging Design & Social Media templates.
mystical | boho luxe | shamanic


I want others to be able to feel the magic inside of them with simple rituals they can do in their daily life to amplify and manifest their deepest dreams and desires in life. Deep down it is to form a company doing the things I love, making natural products filled with magic and joy, sharing them with the world.

“Well I knew that I was going to get Value from working with Karla by following her online but what I got was INCREDIBLE.”
“It was a really fluid process and to be honest a lot of fun. It was really nice to see and feel that she got my brand and knew where I was trying to go with it. It does pay to get help and not try to do it all yourself because to be honest I would never have got my branding to look and feel this good no matter how hard I tried. If your looking to up level or elevate your business then I highly suggest working with Karla and her team.”

Erin Sharwood