Set your soul on fire for 2020

The time is NOW, to walk through the cosmic portal to a new way of being.  This is your time to embody your purpose & to RISE.

Are you ready ?

This time is now, this moment has been prophesied for millennia.

We are all experiencing an awakening, our conscious collective is undergoing the most intense and profound cosmic energetic switch we will ever feel as we approach 2020.

This gateway to the new decade is an age of remembering, where women will rise and the new paradigm of sacred leaders are destined to emerge.

Karla and Sam are both on a mission to empower YOU to ascend and expand into your true potential.

Called to join forces and create a powerful soul led package especially for the mystics, healers, visionaries and change-makers that have heard the call and are ready to rise.

This illumination bundle is designed to align you with your purpose, your unique magic gifts and show you how to cast them into the world.

Are you ready to embody all that you are & completely open to the fullness of self and feel into your most authentic nature of everything you are called to be in this life?

This is a special 2 for 1 galactic gift, granting you access to this magical portal before the New Moon & Solar Eclipse on the 26th December 2019.

$444USD now $199 USD

Your sessions will self-destruct in:








Part 1 – Sam


Need guidance and absolute clarity on your soul gifts and your life purpose?

Get ready for activation and integration of all that you are!

This soul session is an intense immersion of channelled guidance.

Infused with energetic transmissions to open up your Shakti and channelled messages that will awaken your soul.

Not only will you discover your unique magic, soul gifts and true purpose for this incarnation, you will also begin to embody your highest self. These sessions are sacred, beyond magic with the potential to change your life!

Each reading is channelled directly FOR YOU and all messages received are direct from source, your higher self, your guides, your team in the ether and any other being/force/entity concerned with making sure you fulfil your potential!

Be prepared to feel MIND BLOWN, MAGICAL and more EPIC than you ever thought possible!

Part 2 – Karla


Now that you’ve had the call with Sam, you’ll have an intimate understanding of what your true purpose divine appointment here on is earthside adventure.

But how do you expand and start to embody that purpose? How do you elevate your magickal gifts so that you are able to serve those who need you?  How do you rise into the sacred feminine leader that you truly are?

Diving into the online world and launching your soul-aligned business can be overwhelming, daunting and confusing.

Maybe you have cellular fears of judgement that hold you back from being seen and rising into your purpose? Or perhaps your soul is NOT aligned with the current 3D rules of how branding and marketing “should” be? 


During our session we will:

  • Identify your fears and where you feel misaligned using intuitive guidance & tarot.
  • Create a sacred strategy for stepping into the online world (fuck the masculine, linear rules) that is intuitive, connected & aligned with YOUR Soul and your true purpose.


This session will give you clear inspired action steps that are aligned with the very essence of YOU.   Activating your magnetism and empowering you to be the torchbearer and LEAD the way to a higher consciousness of humanity.

Step into 2020 and the purest, most EPIC version of YOU, with clarity, confidence and immense MAGICKAL powers.

It is time to “re-wild” YOU and therefore your business.  It’s time to EMBODY YOUR GIFTS and create success on your own terms.  You ready?

We can’t wait to see you expand into your epic, multi-dimensional, magnetic Self.  This is the life you were born to live Sister.

This is a special 2 for 1 galactic gift, granting you access to this magical portal before the New Moon & Solar Eclipse on the 26th December 2019.

$444USD now $199 USD

Your sessions will self-destruct in:








Kind Words for Sam

Sam, you can’t even begin to know how much you’ve impacted my life!!! So much clarity and validation that I’m on the right path!!! I feel such incredible and powerful excitement when I think of the gift you are giving to so many women!!!

There are no words that could ever express my sincere gratitude for the time you spent with me!!! I am forever changed and in a complete state of joyful bliss!!!!


I can’t even say enough about working with Samara! She is a miracle! I had an idea for a course, but when I talked to Sam, she pulled me out of my small way of thinking. Her connection to my guides expanded the course into more than I could ever have imagined! It’s perfection! It’s exactly what my soul wants to do, but I was taking baby steps to get there. She pulled it out and laid it in front of me in a way that worked for me! If you are ready to up level, you’ve got to get your Course directly from Source! Trust me! 


EVERY time I hear your words about the things you channel and what I am here to do, the words just flow into me,  ITS an elixir that I need! Your words healed me, as if you were talking to my soul. Some of the things you said I had seen in meditations, or channelled or had been told – but separated, and all the bits and pieces were put together like beads on a string. 

Everything made sense.

I FEEL the words, like I KNOW them from a deep place in me. I know you are channelling, but you are the one surrendering, and letting the words flow  – THANK you Samara, IT MEANS EVERYTHING TO ME, to open up my soul purpose now – I am SO READY I have such gratitude that you are here on planet earth and for the work you do for me and many others!


Something holy happened to me. My soul guided me to the wonderful Sam Bishop for a Soul Purpose Reading. We had what she called a “Breakthrough Call” and it was a total breakthrough!

It was like a mirror with a false self that broke bursting into little pieces. And under this false self I saw, for maybe the first time in my entire life my true Self!

It felt like the birth, not of a “new” me but of the REAL me. Its hard to describe it with words, its like not even my mind can get it …. only my Soul knows. I can truly say that Sam changed my life!


Sam, thank you so so much! You have no idea how life changing and empowering our call was today. You unveiled truths that I have been hiding for over a decade and I feel confident in being able to reveal it! I feel like I have a big mission and I finally know how to go about living it. Thank you again, I think you literally just changed my whole life!


It’s incredible! I can’t thank Sam enough! Its both beautiful and very scary being so seen and held.

This is Sams gift and I am so grateful and beyond happy she has answered the call for us humans that need it so very much!


Kind Words for Karla 

“Karla! My goddess – what a treasure this woman is! She just gets it. Her beautiful feminine design style mixed with her own fierce business edge is the perfect combo I needed when I called on her to help me bring specific creations to life! She totally is the full package – and I’m so grateful to have her play a big role in my cosmic business cohort. I can tell she really takes the extra step to get to know your brands’ voice and really shapeshift into it when she’s in creation mode for your brand or business, and to me, that’s totally what we need when we want our biz to stand out online. Blessed to work with her is an understatement”


“Thank you so much for this group and your mentoring Karla.   Learning from you has given me so much confidence and clarity ?

I have been in a messy mindset and lacked a direct way forward and with your magic it all coming together beautifully ?

You have an honest and down to earth soul that instantly made me feel at ease and grateful to be under your guidance”.


“Working with Karla is nourishing to my soul! Every time we connect, whether it be to create or strategise, I walk away with clarity of mind and assurance of heart. How my message is conveyed is deeply important to me and Karla ensures that not only is my online presence aesthetically beautiful, but it represents the core of who I am and what I wish to bring to the world through my work. For this, I am deeply grateful. Thank you Karla!”


“Karla is a creative visionary who is dream to partner & collaborate with.  Karla has brought many of my business and brands’ visual dreams to life on paper, computer screen and the stage with her artistic gifts.

She “sees” the soul of my business.”


“Karla has a unique ability to capture the soul of her client.

She is INCREDIBLE at what she does and is worth every cent.

My business’ online presence now feels totally aligned and magnetic, and it is a joy to share my brand with the world. If you know the importance of brand recognition, Karla is your woman!

Thank you Karla!!”


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