“Karla is a creative visionary who is dream to partner & collaborate with.  Karla has brought many of my business and brands’ visual dreams to life on paper, computer screen and the stage with her artistic gifts.  She “sees” the soul of my business.”

Yvette Luciano – Soulpreneurs Founder/Author and doTERRA Diamond Leader

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“Saras here..”

Sarah Wilder – The Fifth Element Life


“Working with Karla is nourishing to my soul! Every time we connect, whether it be to create or strategise, I walk away with clarity of mind and assurance of heart. How my message is conveyed is deeply important to me and Karla ensures that not only is my online presence aesthetically beautiful, but it represents the core of who I am and what I wish to bring to the world through my work. For this, I am deeply grateful. Thank you Karla! x”

Kate Leiper (The Diamond Women Project)



“It’s like Karla reached into my heart, found all the best bits and massaged them into a luminous and intuitive design” “

Nelle Georges – Nelle in the Sky


“Shunandas here…”

Shunanda – Angel Intuitive

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