How do you create a business & life of your dreams?

How do you alchemise the resistance?  The gap of where you are and where you want to be?

Far out – these are huge questions, but if you’re asking them.. then you are on the path to discovery.

No doubt you’re here because something pulled you to be.  Did you read my post on Social media and feel a deep urge to follow the breadcrumbs?

I’ve got to tell you this now.

You’re not going to find the answer here. 

You will only find the answer within yourself… all I do is ask you the questions and show you how I personally do it for myself.

To alchemise the resistance to change, growth & becoming, you need to take the responsibility and do the work.

As we move into the deep, intense & transformative Scorpio Full moon, now is the time to dive deep and alchemise the shit you don’t need into your strength and wisdom.

This will lead you to your purpose & alignment to your highest vision. 

;;Why is it so hard?

Through our life, right from when we are little souls and our limbic brain is developing, we start creating subsconscious patterns of emotional response.  The limbic brain is driven purely from pleasure and pain and the language it speaks is fear or peace and it feeds off emotion.  The stronger the emotion the more it triggers a particular response.

This is why our stories sometimes don’t make sense to others.  This is why we see ourselves in a completely different way than other people view us.  We have created emotional responses to situations, even if they don’t “make sense” and then subconsciously act on those emotional responses.

So when we are taught:

? to live life in a linear existence and ignore our cyclic urges;
?to honour the masculine as hero & the feminine as weak;
?to follow rather than lead or think for ourselves;
?That expressing ourselves is bad, but being “brave” and holding it in is good for acceptable behaviour;
?Be confident but not too confident that you’ll make other people feel uncomfortable.

and… yada yada yada (there are a million stories out there that we have been taught to believe)

We have created a subconscious neurological patterns driven by pure emotion.

To “think” our way out of our stories & beliefs is a waste of time.  The way in is feeling the emotion.

So even though we might be doing the cerebral work with affirmations and positive mindset, we aren’t doing all the work to truly tap into the highest vision of ourSelf. It’s a great start – but it’s only a piece of the puzzle.


The “How”

So when you KNOW there is resistance in your life.  And you know that there is a version of yourSelf that you can’t quite reach what do you do?

You start by being curious.

?Curious of your behaviour
?Curious of your emotions
?Curious of the way life unfolds in front of you
?Curious of the thoughts that run through your head.

When you start being humble and just watching with curiosity, you start to separate the stories from yourSelf.

There are so many ways into alchemising resistance, including practicing Gratitude, Active Visualisation & embodied movement, but today I want to share some journal prompts to get you FEELING into the life/person/situation you want to invite in your reality.

Get your journal out and take a nice deep breath in and let out a forceful exhalation to release tension and get you into a space of receptivity.  As you are writing, get deeply into the emotion of it all.. don’t be scared off by “bad” emotion – you are obviously releasing something from your subconscious.

Let the energy of the Scorpio full moon help you illuminate your deep inner world.

Get curious and now ask yourSelf:


  1. What pathway in my many possible realities am I currently following? How does it serve me and is it for my highest good?
  2. What choices am I making that hinders me from being the highest version of mySelf?
  3. If I was to follow down the pathway to my highest version of mySelf, what does the string/pathway look like?
  4. How are you going to be the controller of your approach to life and make shit happen with ease?
  5. How are you going to end overwhelm and stress and become balanced, productive regardless of time.

I hope this starts you the journey of alchemising your resistance to change.

Do these exercises with humbled curiousity – without judgement and see what arises.

Comment below or send me a message to share if you feel called to.


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