MULTI-PASSIONATE and doing ALL the things babe?

Confused and scattered about what your ACTUAL purpose is and what road to go down??? 

I have a story for you.  Read on ???


I have had many incarnations as singer, artist, brand builder, web developer, digital marketing, doTERRA consultant, Women’s circle facilitator etc… and most of you have followed my journey (thanks for sticking with me babes!).

For a while I just didn’t know what my brand was and what I truly wanted to stick to and take to the next level. I’ve always known that when I choose something I’m passionate about, I can successfully manifest it.  And I knew deep down that I wasn’t completely satisfied and hadn’t been stepping into my purpose either.

But for a while it was not the question of “how” it was question of “what”?


Before I could even start marketing my services, I knew I had to clear this up with myself.

If I wasn’t solid, then how could I position myself as an authority on anything (even though I knew my shit).

Alignment to purpose is huge and this is the one thing that without – you just won’t be successful at what you do no matter how good your marketing techniques are.  People are gonna sniff that shit out.

I digress… let’s continue to the story…

I am passionate about so many things that it was hard for me to define my edges.


Wanna know?

⚡️I found a unifying and my intrinsic driving force (this was huuuuuge).
⚡️Identified my vehicle – my talents, Cllifton Strengths & unique astrological traits
⚡️I created pillars to my brand so that I could incorporate my intrinsic driving force into my business
⚡️Then I created my HOW.

So this is what came up:

? My intrinsic driver is CONNECTION. Everything I EVER do comes from that.

? What DRIVES me is to help women CONNECT to their power & potential & guide them to FREEDOM (away from anxiety & overwhelm into clarity, connection and magnetism).

? The Vehicle is using my natural communication and relationship building strengths (both written in the stars & psychology) to help them do that.

? The four pillars of my brand are authentic personal branding, soulful marketing, women’s empowerment and spirituality (which includes all things astrology & law of attraction).

? How I do that is helping female #soulpreneurs easily build their brands, grow their audiences & create a thriving business (brand building & marketing strategies with online development) all while helping them activate their potential & align their purpose (coaching & group mentorship).

Voila!! It was the switch I needed to move forward at speed (without burning out mind you).

And you wanna know why? Because I’m in complete alignment.

And alignment = focus, motivation and discipline. And that then leads to consistency.

Why have I opened up about my struggles with clarity with you?? It’s because it’s hard to see and feel the struggle behind the square image and caption.  I wanted to show you that human-ness is real.  We all have our shit no matter how successful we are.

I want you to know that being scattered or confused doesn’t mean that you’re not good at what you do. It just means that you may not be translating your brand’s message as well as you could and that’s easily fixed.

Want some help with your defining your brand and growing your audience? Come and join my initimate Marketing your Magic month long group mentorship program starting in August.

There’s only limited spots available and this is only one of the subjects we’ll be going through.

Here’s the link for you to have a look at the program babe…


Marketing your Magic


A group mentoring program to help female soulpreneurs activate their magnetism, align to their purpose, grow their audience & create their thriving business.

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