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I’M HERE TO HELP YOU FIND THE clarity, confidence, cohesion YOU NEED TO BE A magnetic personal brand & BUILD A THRIVING ONLINE BUSINESS.

From visual branding to websites, to marketing strategy & customer journeys.  I’m here to help you step onto the stage of your business with clarity & confidence and make the impact you came here to create.

Regardless of how we work together in my high-touch packages,

Whether you need a high-level rebrand to match the energy of your business or you’re needing clarity & guidance on pulling all the puzzle pieces together so you can reach your goals, I will promise you this…

I’m here to masterfully guide you to building a magnetic and authentically aligned personal brand that will take your business to the next level.

Is this piquing your interest?  Have a look at my services below and let’s have a chat about what you need to get you to your desired goals.



Visual Identity & Brand Strategy
Up-level your Business with Bespoke Brand Strategy & Exquisite Design Curation for High-End Positioning

If you’re serious about going next level in your business, it’s important to give your audience a supurb first impression.  My agency, Brava has packages that will elevate your brand to super stardom.

This is for you if you desire to attract your ideal client with ease by giving them a beautiful experience through exquisite design curation & a clear customer journey.  When done right, it will keep your ideal audience coming back for more.  



Everything you need to launch your rebrand or serious start up
A fully personalised, concierge service for established entrepreneurs. Perfect for those requiring greater control in the architecture of their online vision & desire an exquisite, yet strategic result.

This is a bespoke package including brand development, brand identity, website, funnels, socials, email marketing, course creation, lead magnet creation and consulting… well pretty much EVERYTHING you’ll need to launch your rebrand into the stratosphere.    

This is a POA package is for established entrepreneurs (or those who want to go big quickly) who desire to have their vision and message fully self-expressed through their online platform.  This is an in-depth process and is by application only.  We MUST be a match as we go deep!

Let’s hop on a call to discuss your needs.


Deep Dive Consulting Sessions
Get clarity on your messaging & positioning, step into ease-filled launches guided with alignment and empower yourself with the action steps that will take your busines next level.

I offer intuitive mentoring & consulting sessions if you’re ready to commit to your success and move the needle forward in your business. 

If you’re overwhelmed with how to get started, want to launch a program or course OR have so many ideas you don’t know what direction to go in, I’ve got your back.    My superpower is to help you gain clarity, simplify your strategy & pull all your puzzle pieces together so you can confidently move forward.

These consulting sessions  help you create a pathway and action steps so you can create your dream business – quicker! I offer half day VIP days, six week & 3 month packages

Building a powerful & authentically aligned personal brand & business starts with you…. clarity, confidence, courageous action and consistent momentum.  For you to stand out, make an impact and build a business of your dreams, it requires you to be bold, brave & hold a profound self-belief not many are willing to step into.  Your time is now.
“Karla! My goddess – what a treasure this woman is! She just gets it. Her beautiful feminine design style mixed with her own fierce business edge is the perfect combo I needed when I called on her to help me bring specific creations to life!”

She totally is the full package – and I’m so grateful to have her play a big role in my cosmic business cohort. I can tell she really takes the extra step to get to know your brands voice and really shapeshift into it when she’s in creation mode for your brand or business; and to me that’s totally what we need when we want our biz to stand out online. Blessed to work with her is an understatement x

Sarah Wukder – Wilder Talismans

IG @sarahwilder__


Working with Karla is nourishing to my soul!  Every time we connect, whether it be to create or strategise, I walk away with clarity of mind and assurance of heart. ”

“How my message is conveyed is deeply important to me and Karla ensures that not only is my online presence aesthetically beautiful, but it represents the core of who I am and what I wish to bring to the world through my work.

For this, I am deeply grateful. Thank you Karla!”

Kate Leiper – The Diamond Women Project

(See her project here)


Always my authentic self….  sharing, education, stories and marketing magic here.