Want a visual brand that stops your audience in their tracks?

Creating a beautiful visual brand identity for your business just got a whole lot easier as I share my secrets & resources with you so you can create a scroll stopping visual brand that is SO aligned that you can finally show up with confidence.  Get excited – it’s only $37.


But first, let me guess…

You’ve been wanting to level up in your business big time, haven’t you?

But you’re still holding yourself back because you don’t have a clear, cohesive & professional visual brand you feel proud of.

 And you’re only starting out, so you can’t afford to pay a professional to design one for you.

Imagine if you had a cohesive visual brand that represents the core of  YOU?

A visual brand that is so aligned you feel proud every time you put yourself out there.

Imagine having a clear & beautiful visual brand so that you can stop procrastinating and show up in confidence the way you’ve always wanted.

Sound familiar?

You’ve tried doing this yourself before but…

I see you getting frustrated Sister!

  • Maybe you’ve been on Canva trying to duct tape visuals, colours & fonts together, but it’s just not fitting.
  • You’ve downloaded those templates for $27, but they still don’t feel right because you haven’t had the guidance on how to use them.
  • You’ve spent HOURS in front of the computer away from your ACTUAL work (and family), in a futile attempt to make your designs look passable.
  • Your website & IG feed STILL looks like the proverbial dog’s breakfast.
  • You feel your current visual branding doesn’t feel aligned with YOU or your audience.

Yup I hear ya! You’re not alone.

Designing your brand and marketing visuals can be hard when you’re not a designer.
How do I know?
Because I hear about it every day with my one on one clients and my community who reach out to me.

This is my job & expertise!  I help womxn create scroll stopping irresistible brands that demand attention for a living. 


So let me ask you this…

What if it could be easier to have a scroll stopping visual brand without the price tag?

It IS possible, but you will need apply yourself and learn.  Everything amazing comes from effort!  This is why I’m going to proverbially hold your hand, and show you the way.  I believe in you and with my help,  you can do it this thing!


  • Creating a cohesive, clear & irresistible logo & visual brand that you feel proud of showing off!
  • Having more reach, engagement, shares & saves on your posts on socials.
  • Your audience having more trust in your brand
  • Feeling confident about showing up and sharing your expertise with the world
  • Spending more time in your zone of genius!


Would you just love it if an expert would show you their secrets, in plain English, step by step, so you can create this for yourself?

“Whaaaaattt? Does this even exist?” you say. Ummm… yes it does!

Step this way Sister! I’m about to help you out!


In this two-part masterclass series, I’m going to share with you the secret to creating a cohesive and irresistible visual brand that is not only scroll stopping, but sets you apart from the rest.

Your Brand is your businesses “personality” – it’s how the audience perceives your business and how you make people FEEL when they encounter you.

Did you know that 96% of the population responds to visual stimuli FIRST before making a decision to investigate further?

So if you’re serious about uplevelling your platform and creating a thriving online business, it’s important to make an IMPACT at first glance and keep your soul-mate audience coming back for more.

Being a brand boss is yours with these TWO in-depth branding masterclasses in which I share the secrets that I use in my business EVERY . SINGLE . DAY!

And don’t forget the logo templates, mood boards, workbook & walkthroughs to help you transform your brand in no time!


Here’s what’s inside!


This hour-long masterclass will show you all my secrets I use with high-end clients to create an irresistible visual brand.

I created this masterclass for a group of students in my high-end program.  Inside I reveal the secrets of creating a powerful and magnetic brand visual brand – right from the beginning.

With my 20 year experience in the online world & branding hundreds of womxn, I’ll go DEEP and teach you everything you need to know about:

  • psychology of visuals
  • colour coordinating
  • typography
  • creating your logo
  • branding images
  • your branding photo shoot
  • mood boards
  • and how to bring all the visual pieces together.


I take you under the hood and show you how the pros create gorgeous graphics &scroll stopping marketing material

After this class you are going to fall in LOVE with Canva.  I created this masterclass for a group of women to teach them how to use Canva Pro LIKE a pro.  It was such a hit, I want to share it with you.  I take you through all the steps to create gorgeous graphics & magnetic marketing material. You can be a PRO too!! I’ll show you the HOW.


  • psychology of visuals
  • colour coordinating
  • typography
  • creating your logo
  • branding images
  • your branding photo shoot
  • mood boards
  • and how to bring all the visual pieces together.

+ your AWESOME bonuses!


I’ve created a beautifully designed and in-depth playbook to work through after you watch your videos.

It includes :

  • Get Clarity on your visual brand
  • How to identify YOUR style
  • How to create a moodboard
  • Color Psychology + identifying your colors
  • How to identify your typography
  • Checklists & tech lists for you to avoid the overwhelm of knowing what to do first
  • Fillable forms in your PDF program – save it somewhere safe and refer back to it whenever you feel confused about your brand again.


All you have to do is enter your brand name and away you go.

There are 10 different styles of branding boards to choose from (I kept them at a minimum so you wouldn’t go into analysis paralysis).

The brand boards include:

  • A logo
  • Your typography for your brand
  • Your colours
  • Example images
  • Social icons

*For Canva Pro only

Hey! I’m Karla Pizzica and I’m a Brand & Marketing Strategist helping Soulpreneur womxn like YOU create, launch & grow a thriving purpose-led online business you LOVE.

The mission behind my work is to guide you to your fullest expression, stand up, be brave and live a life following purpose and fully aligned to your values.  I believe your business & brand is a vehicle to express this all.

I started as a web & graphic designer over 22 years ago when Google was a baby and social media wasn’t even a thing.  Although I always had a good eye, I taught myself the ropes because I wanted to build a website and brand for our band.  Wasn’t that a synchronistic start because everything that I do now evolved from that point.

I know what it’s like not knowing what to do, how to design.  To not have the money to invest.  Back then there wasn’t YouTube or online courses to teach me to design.

I learned the hard way to become the expert I am today.  Which is why. I want to make it easier for you now.

Although I started as a web & graphic designer, all those years ago, my work evolved into brand & marketing strategy, launch & automation.  And because my experience, deepest beliefs and values are deeply rooted in the quantum energetic world, I use NLP in my coaching to help womxn move past any blocks that may arise on their uplevelling journey.

If you are starting, I know where you are right now!  I know this will help you create a beautiful visual brand as I share 22+ years of experience with you in these masterclasses.


how much Karla?

I’m not going to do the thing adding everything up to its value and then slashing the price.

$37 isn’t even a dinner out these days, so investing this amount into the elevation of your business’s brand is a no brainer.  If you’ve been wanting to uplevel your visual branding and can’t afford to pay a professional yet, then this is your next logical step! It’s me, your virtual professional showing you the ropes!

I’ll see you in there!

Do I really need to spend money on something like this?

Well, that’s up to you.  All the answers you need are on Google, but what is your time worth. This is a cost-effective way to learn from a professional to get the results you want!

How much time is this going to take out of my week / add to my schedule?

The two masterclasses are 1 hour long each.  The workbook might take about 1-2 hours. to work through including looking at fonts & colours.  If you don’t want to design yourself and the cut the time down even more, don’t forget there are 10 templates to choose from.

Can I get help & support?

This is a $37 product and with that I cannot provide one on one support.  However, you can post in our Sacred Womxn’s Business Facebook group and myself and other womxn will give you feedback for sure!

How can I trust you?

Can you trust ANYONE on the internet these days 😜. Seriously tho, I have 22+ years of experience, worked with hundreds and hundreds of clients and have glowing testimonials.  Plus it’s only $37… I’ll refund you if you think I’m a sham.

I’m not sure I’m at the right level yet to do this

This course is aimed to help beginners and people who are unsure or overwhelmed designing a visual brand.  Plus when you buy this course, you’ll have a Facebook group to any questions.  If you have any queries about this, please contact me.

I’ve signed up for programs like this in the past and they haven’t worked

I can’t comment on other courses, I can only vouch for my own – it works. I’m showing you how I work with branding my 1:1 clients.  If you follow the steps or even just use the templates, you’ll find success. Just know you are safe with a money-back guarantee if this is not what you expected.

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